their first new york

i've been obsessively reading these the last few days,
the stories are funny and touching,
i think they're exciting.
they lend themselves to day-dreaming,
which i am apt to do anyway...

among my favorites:
graydon carter - 1978,
david rakoff - 1982.

and from the earlier incarnation:
diane von furstenberg - 1970,
lauren hutton - 1964,
mary boone - 1970,
amy sedaris - 1993.

maggie gyllenhaal - 1995.

i grew up in l.a. and moved back here to go to college at columbia, where i lived in the dorm for the first two years. i had a boyfriend who lived on ludlow street, and i couldn’t believe a place as alive and wild as that existed. i wanted to drop out of school and hang out there. my boyfriend had a teeny, tiny apartment that he shared with another guy. they had built bunk beds. and i would sleep over. the roommate would still be there, but we figured it out, like you do when you’re that age. we would use the pink pony like it was our kitchen and living room. i felt it was such a great way to live. i don’t know how I’d manage that now.



  1. poor maggie for living so good. i love the pink pony! inspiration!

  2. great photo! and that's the best way to live :)


  3. isn't it a great photo?
    i probably should've mentioned,
    it's from patrick mcmullen's "so 80s."

    the pink pony is great.
    could've been worse,
    poor mags.

    it does sound like a nice way to live.