good place to live: 75.5 bedford

passed this sweet little house last summer,
and fell in love.
when i saw the plaque,
stating edna st. vincent millay had lived there once upon a time,
it was confirmed.

margaret mead also lived there,
and cary grant supposedly slept there.
but i think he slept everywhere.

at nine and a half feet wide,
it is the narrowest house in the city.
it sold a couple of months ago,
for only $2.7 million.



cold weather

i needed a new coat...
felt i needed a new coat.

l.a. has its car culture,
new york definitely has its shoe culture,
and during its winter months,
there is this undeniable coat culture.

burberry prorsum came to the rescue,
on sale no less.

perhaps not quite as striking,
but surely more reasonable than the mcqueen,
which i'd tried on and which they had to pry off of me.



i think i'm going to give this blog thing the proverbial "go."
i've finally decided on a title i'm somewhat satisfied with,
so why not?