their first new york

i've been obsessively reading these the last few days,
the stories are funny and touching,
i think they're exciting.
they lend themselves to day-dreaming,
which i am apt to do anyway...

among my favorites:
graydon carter - 1978,
david rakoff - 1982.

and from the earlier incarnation:
diane von furstenberg - 1970,
lauren hutton - 1964,
mary boone - 1970,
amy sedaris - 1993.

maggie gyllenhaal - 1995.

i grew up in l.a. and moved back here to go to college at columbia, where i lived in the dorm for the first two years. i had a boyfriend who lived on ludlow street, and i couldn’t believe a place as alive and wild as that existed. i wanted to drop out of school and hang out there. my boyfriend had a teeny, tiny apartment that he shared with another guy. they had built bunk beds. and i would sleep over. the roommate would still be there, but we figured it out, like you do when you’re that age. we would use the pink pony like it was our kitchen and living room. i felt it was such a great way to live. i don’t know how I’d manage that now.



home is a four letter word

new york times article,
"facing a financial pinch,
and moving in with mom and dad,"
puts down in cold hard numbers,
the plight of the boomeranger:
the recently graduated,
out of work or under-employed,
in debt,
lost and at loose ends,
twenty-something -
the returned prodigal child.

i suppose i can add yet another label to the pyre.



day trip - 03.13.10-03.14.10

i ventured out saturday evening,
much against the protestations of family.
it was a fierce storm,
but i was determined.

had dinner at juliette on north 5th street in williamsburg.
i ordered white bean and spinage pureed soup,
and a huge bowl of simple and delicious mussels.
the weather required a goodly amount of red wine,
so my friend and i indulged.

the feeling is unlike the keith mcnally experience.
it'st been outfitted with cast offs from original european cafes,
so it has a genuine tone.
i half expected sylvia beach to complain about my wet umbrella.

next morning,
my friend and i went to the otto dix exhibit at the neue galerie.
i enjoyed it,
though something tells me he had issues with the female gender.
we went to the man ray exhibit at the jewish museum,
on its last day and at the latest possible time.
story of my life.
i enjoyed it,
especially because it featured paintings,
as well as photos and "rayographs,"
but was disappointed my favorite wasn't on display:
a l'heure de l'observatoire - lex amoureux.

we went back to the neue for a light supper,
(not so light it turned out),
at the cafe sabarsky.
as always,
the meal was very good,
finished with their excellent hot chocolate and rehrucken,
a chocolate marzipan cake with orange confiture.
quite good.

easy, breezy

isn't this a great idea?
the man who wrote this piece,
miguel androver,
combined form and function,
and wore this when traveling.
it is not strictly relegated to plane travel,

i wish i had the cajones to pull it off,
i have an indian tunic that hits mid-thigh,
which i can't quite bring myself to wear over dungarees,
and definitely not in new jersey...



snow and hyacinths

i love that last weekend there was snow outside,
and this was the view from my window,
now a week later,
it's a balmy 55 degrees and sunny.
snow is melting and the hyacinths have pushed to the surface.