bon annee 2011

i saw an old friend the night before new year's eve.
last we saw each other was at the same time two years ago;
he was visiting the city for just a couple of days,
so getting together was mandatory.

it was a great night.
we wound up at bell book and candle.
(more on that later.)
he and i had drinks and laughs and swapped stories and joked,
talked about when we both lived in boston and future plans.
seemed like old times.

in his text to me on new year's eve day,
after his thanks,
he said:
this is the year for you.

hope he's right.

new year,
new me.
same shit.
here's hoping for an eventful 2011.


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  2. I've wondered where you'd been! Glad to see some new posts!
    I'm no longer writing on the food blog, but now have a 'secret' blog with some pieces of my writing. I'd love to know your thoughts on them... (still in its very beginning stages!)